Borderless Medicines seminar continues!

Borderless Medicines seminar continues with a topic covering Global access of COVID vaccines. 

Our speakers this time are Pieter-Jan van Eggermont and Meri Koivusalo.
Pieter-Jan van Eggermont is a Humanitarian advisor of Médicines Sans Frontiers (MSF) Sweden and Meri Koivusalo is a professor of Global Health and Development in Tampere University Finland.

Peter will be discussing the global access of vaccines from a MSF perspective. Meri Koivusalo will share her expertise about this important topic.

TOPIC: Global access to COVID vaccines – a MSF perspective

SPEAKERS: Pieter-Jan Eggermont – Humanitarian advisor, MSF Sweden & Meri Koivusalo – Professor of Global Health and Development, Tampere University Finland

TIME: 18.2.2021 at 18.00 (EET)

PLACE: Jitsi platform –

Everyone is welcome to participate!

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